9 Reasons Why We Love the Haygoods Show in Branson, MO

branson family travel Jan 09, 2023
Catherine Haygood is a talented player of the harp.

I will praise you with the harp, O God, my God.

PSALM 43:4

In the market for a fun family show in the Midwest?  We suggest you consider the Haygoods show in Branson! There are many options, and choosing the best one can be a bit of a gamble if you’ve never done it before or are unfamiliar with the area. We’ve made a point to make memories with our family by attending shows and will be happy to share some of our recommendations with you in this blog!

The Haygoods Show in Branson, Missouri, is a family favorite. It is full of high-quality, clean entertainment that will keep your entire family engaged. Here are some reasons we highly recommend this one-of-a-kind experience!

1) The Haygoods Show in Branson has Amazing Talent

The Haygoods are six siblings who are dedicated to utilizing their God-given gifts to entertain visitors to Branson. They have a strong work ethic and have exhibited outstanding dedication to entertaining their audiences for over three decades. Their voices are incredible, they play a wide variety of musical instruments, and even utilize special effects to add pizazz to the show.  This family is truly unique and blessed with incredible abilities.


2) Christian

They include many Christian songs in their performances.  It is very clean and appropriate for all ages. They are unashamed of their faith and are wonderful Christian musical role models for kids in their behavior, humility, and modesty.

3) The Haygoods Show in Branson is Patriotic

We love that they honor veterans in the audience!  During every performance, they ask veterans to stand up and be recognized and they also sing patriotic songs. 

4) Special Effects

This was our son’s favorite part of the show. There were lasers, fog, pyrotechnics, lights, zip lines, cables, and music. All of these were well-coordinated with the songs and enhanced the audience experience.

5 )Music

The music is unbelievable! They sing and play a true variety of songs: country, rock ‘n roll, Christian, Disney classics, movie themes, etc. They constantly change instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, drums, saxophone, harp, fiddle, and banjo. Each piece was very well done and a lot of fun to watch. They do change up some of the songs in their show regularly to keep it fresh for frequent visitors and season pass holders. There is very little down time between songs. This helped keep our kids engaged and moved the performance along at a nice pace. We were also pleasantly surprised to see them do a tap dance number, which is something you don’t see much anymore!

6) Harp

Catherine Haygood is a talented player of the harp.

The harp is a stunning instrument and is played beautifully by the lone Haygood sister, Catherine. She performs both solos and pieces with her brothers, which adds a beautiful depth to the group pieces. Our girls love to hear her play.  She has been the inspiration for our daughter Leah, who is now learning to play the harp. It is consistently their favorite part of the entire show.

7) Comedy

While this isn’t a comedic show per se, the Haygoods are good-humored and naturally funny. They take a brief break from the music and do a small comedy act that both we and our kids enjoy.

8) Approachability

The Haygoods are a very personal group. They respond to text messages, will stay afterwards and chat with audience members, sign autographs, take photos, etc. Rather than being in a hurry to leave, they willingly and patiently listen and engage with fans who stay to meet them.

9) Venue

The Haywoods’ venue is excellent. The seats are comfortable and equipped with drink holders, the parking is easy, the bathrooms are very clean, and patrons have a good view from anywhere in the theater. We’ve sat front and center, back balcony, and various places in between. No matter where we sit, the show has always been excellent.

Our Take

We have been attending The Haygoods show for several years and love the energy of their performances. Everyone in our family enjoys themselves, and regular new material helps change it up for frequent viewers. Their Christian witness, patriotism, comedy, and incredible talents of music and special effects make this show truly one of a kind. We attend their show virtually every time we’re in Branson, and we’ve never been bored. If you are headed to this part of Missouri and are considering a family show, we highly recommend The Haygoods. They will not disappoint!

If you are looking for another great show for your family while in Branson, we suggest you check out Queen Esther at Sight and Sound Theatre.

Key Points

  • The Haygoods are a very entertaining Christian family who has been perfecting their performance talents in Branson for many years.
  • The show is excellent for kids and adults of all ages.
  • They effectively utilize various special effects, instruments, songs, and comedy that enhance the entire performance and keep everyone entertained and engaged.

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