A Chance to Change

From Sam Richardson, “I know we need to do something different
but I’m honestly not sure what”

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 “A Chance to Change” is a must-read for any parent who wants to raise Godly children that are confident and capable of facing whatever life throws their way.



Derek and Amy Weichel



A Chance to Change


Discover a touching tale of love, faith, and rediscovery as Sam and Nicole embark on a path of renewal with their family guided by the Millers' family extraordinary example.

In the picturesque life of the Richardson family, happiness seemed to overflow.

Sam and Nicole had a harmonious marriage, well-adjusted children, and affluence that allowed them to indulge in life's luxuries, and enchanting vacations in exotic destinations made them the envy of friends and neighbors.

Yet, hidden beneath the surface, Nicole sensed a void in her heart. The latest trip from Mexico only intensified her feeling that something vital had slipped away from their once unshakable family bond. 

Sam, on the other hand, dismissed her concerns as natural apprehensions that come with time—believing that as their kids grow up, life would find a calmer pace. 

A chance encounter with the Millers, a family much like their own but with an unshakable connection to each other and their faith in God, opens Sam's eyes to the missing piece in their lives. 

It takes a jolting accident involving their son to push Sam and Nicole to seek the guidance they need. 

Will the Millers prove to be the catalyst that leads them back to each other as a family and rekindles their spiritual journey through Christ? 

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This meaningful story taking you through the Richardson family's journey, meeting the Millers, and exploring their lives will help you put your own life into perspective in a way you have not previously. If you are interested in helping your own family have a deeper connection to Christ, I urge you to pick up this book. Spiritually, few books can have this kind of impact and also be such an enjoyable read. This book gave my whole family such joy. Rare to find a book that can achieve what this one has!
- Kimberly Haley Coleman - Founder and CEO of Globe Aware

“I loved your book. It’s so beautifully and powerfully written. It did not disappoint. Not only is it a great read—just on a story level—it’s a great read spiritually. The Lord absolutely spoke to me through your book, and my husband and I have had some conversations because of it. I know this book will bless many, many families.”

·      “Thank you so much for this idea. Just such a treat and filled with such goodness.”

– Carla R.

"With endless activities and technology all around us, being a parent today seems to be harder than ever. In a “Chance to Change”, Nicole and Sam are struggling with these very issues. With the help of Jessica and Tom, they go on journey to become the best “faithful Christian parents” they can be. As you go on this journey with them, you are provided with lessons, examples and resources to start your own family’s intentional journey. If you are a family with children at home, this book has some wonderful insight for you.

– Bev Z.

“A Chance to Change” is a must-read for any parent who wants to raise Godly children that are confident and capable of facing whatever life throws their way.

This book has a unique perspective that combines both a Christ-centered approach and heart, offering practical insights and advice that are deeply personal and relatable. It is a powerful reminder that parenting is not just about rules and discipline, but about building a connection with our children that is built on love, trust, and respect.

The Weichel’s writing is engaging and easy to read, making this book an approachable and accessible read for anyone who wants to be a great parent. From dealing with busy schedules to navigating complex work schedules, this book provides actionable steps that parents can take to build a positive and healthy relationship with their children.

“A Chance to Change” is not just informative, but it is also deeply heartfelt. The story has experiences that many parents have encountered, making this book more than just a guidebook, it will personally resonate with parents everywhere. This book has an abundance of wisdom and insights that every parent should read. It is a reminder that parenting is an ongoing journey, one that requires a constant focus on God, and a good deal of patience, love, and empathy for each person in your family. If you are looking for a book that will inspire you with Biblical teachings to help you to be a better parent, then "A Chance to Change” by the Weichel’s is a must-read.

- Amazon Review

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A Chance to Change


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Derek and Amy Weichel are a husband and wife writing team who were both born and raised in the rural Midwest. While Derek graduated in Orthopaedic Surgery, Amy went into teaching and now the two are happily living with their family in Nebraska, where Derek works as an orthopedic surgeon at the local community hospital and Amy home-schools their 4 children, Cole, Leah, Lexi, and Lily.

As part of their desire to create the right environment and surroundings in which to raise their children, Derek and Amy were led to write a book and use the process outlined in it to create their own intentional parenting plan that has transformed how they raise their children in all aspects, especially in their intentional teaching of God’s word in the home. 

In addition, they also have a ministry that is dedicated to providing help with free guides, blog posts, courses, and photographs of their many foreign adventures. 

In their free time, Derek and Amy, along with their children, enjoy traveling and have enjoyed some amazing vacations to some special places, including 6 international volunteer trips as a family to Peru, Costa Rica, South Africa, Kenya, Guatemala, and Indonesia. Both Derek and Amy are lifelong learners who enjoy reading and learning individually and together as a couple.

As far as the future is concerned, Derek and Amy want to continue to provide resources that help parents develop a Christian parenting plan which will keep their families intentionally focused on Jesus for this and future generations.

You can contact, follow, or connect with Derek and Amy Weichel:

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