6 Reasons Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson will help Every Family Experience the Bible in a whole new way

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Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson

And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?

Esther 4: 14


Branson, Missouri, is a haven for rich family shows, and Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson is no exception.  This Christian production truly brings this Bible story to life.  We can’t recommend it highly enough!  

What We Enjoyed:

1. Faith Enriching

Sight and Sound productions enliven Bible stories in a truly unique way. Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson features the many aspects of the story of Queen Esther from the Bible from the selection of Esther as the new queen, to Haman's plan to kill the Jews and finally the way in which God used Esther to save her people. This dramatically helps the audience understand and grasp the truth of Scripture and what life could have been like for Esther and her people at this time in history. It also gives the viewer a better understanding of what some of the relationships described in the Bible might have been like: the possible personalities of King Xerxes, Esther, Mordecai and Haman, cultural issues, emotional tension, etc. Scripture is honored in the script, which follows the book of Esther closely.


2. Discussion Provoking 

Watching this production has encouraged discussion about the story of Queen Esther in our family. It has inspired us to re-read and study certain portions of the Bible and specifically the book of Esther that we had previously not understood or much noticed. It has also given us the opportunity to talk about portions of the book of Esther we hadn’t studied before as a family, such as the ancestry of Haman and the role that plays in this Bible story.


3. Live Animals!

We loved the live animals during Queen Esther at Sight and Sound. Birds, horses, and goats added realism to the show and were particularly interesting to our kids. The animals weren’t distracting and were incorporated into the scenes smoothly and effectively.


4. A Well Done Set

The set was beautiful at Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson. There was excellent attention to detail. The program stated that the Palace is the largest piece ever built by Sight and Sound and at 50 tons, is also the heaviest set piece in their history. 

The set gives the audience a good idea of what Susa may have looked like at the time and flawlessly transformed from one act to the next. The set also went around the sides of the theater, which greatly enhanced the experience.


5. Incredible Special Effects 

The special effects during Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson were something we’d never seen on stage before. We particularly loved the life sized elephant that they created and was used in several portions of the show. The actors and props made it look like we were watching a life sized elephant parade through Susa with the new Queen, which drew our attention and increased the audience engagement. They used projectors and screens as well – some scenes looked almost magical. 


6. Theater Accommodations 

The theater itself was extremely comfortable. There was ample parking, comfortable seats (and no bad ones!), delicious snack options at multiple concession stands, and clean bathrooms. Everything ran smoothly. Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 20 minute intermission.


Our Take

We had been to previous productions at Sight and Sound in Branson and always enjoyed them, so our expectations were high for this show. Not only were our expectations met, they were exceeded! Everyone in our family loved it, and we were all engaged throughout the performance. It really brought the story of Queen Esther and characters to life for us and helped us visualize the truth of the Scriptures in a new way.



Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson is an incredible show that our family absolutely loved. The set and special effects were amazing. The live animals and attention to detail brought the Bible to life in a new way for our entire family. It has encouraged us to dive deeper into the Word ourselves. Even with high expectations, we were blown away. We highly recommend this excellent production!

If you are looking for another great family show while in Branson, we suggest you check out The Haygoods Show.


Key Points

  • Queen Esther at Sight and Sound in Branson is a great Christian show for individuals of all ages, children included.
  • The show helps to bring the story of Queen Esther to life.
  • The theatre is comfortable, and the production is highly entertaining, fun to watch, and well-executed.



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