Faithful Parent Tools and Resources

This is where you can find our tools and resources that could help practice healthy habits to strengthen the emotional, physical, and spiritual bond between yourself and your family. These may be the answer to your questions if you have either just kickstarted your journey as a Christian family, or if you are not sure where to begin.

Family Huddle Guide


The truth is that there are some simple routines that you can put into place as a family that will help you and your family feel more connected, productive and closer to God.

If you are struggling to know where to begin, our Family Huddle Guide is the perfect first step. It will show you how to:

  • Start focusing on Jesus on a more consistent basis as a family
  • Create a solid routine that keeps your family focused on its purpose and goals
  • Establish better habits as a family
  • Love sharing each others’ joys, struggles and needs 

Best of all? It’s completely free – our gift to you!


Family Discovery Course


  • Have fun exploring your current family life 
  • Deepen your family connection
  • Explore ways to work better together as a family
  • Gain clarity on what is important to your family

For a limited time, get access to our comprehensive Family Discovery Course including videos, reflection questions and worksheets for just $49!
All this work will culminate in identifying your family strengths, weaknesses and current family culture.

This work will ultimately lead to your family having a shared view of your current family life which will be a great start on your journey to be more intentional and develop the deeper family connections you desire! 


Faithful Parent Academy

$149 USD

Are you ready to stop experiencing the stress, busyness and chaos that comes with your normal family routine and start growing in faith and developing stronger relationships as a family instead? Get the tools, resources, direction, and time that you need to develop a clear parenting plan.


A Chance to Chance – Book


Sam and Nicole Richardson seemed to have everything they ever wanted from life. A happy and stable marriage, well-adjusted kids, enough money to enjoy the finer things, and the ability to take vacations to exotic locations meant that they were often the envy of friends and neighbors.

But despite their outward appearance of happiness and contentment, Nicole began to feel like something was missing. Upon returning home from their latest vacation in Mexico, she suddenly feels that the family she once believed was the rock-solid center of her life had lost something important.


Family Connection Guide

$19 USD

Clarify the goal of your Christian family journey in 6 steps! You deserve to love your family time!

For a limited time, get access to our complete comprehensive 38-page Family Connection Guide and videos with full and abbreviated instructions for just $19!

Includes all video 6 sessions and instructional materials that will help your family walk through a series of exercises that help you identify what you can learn about the family from the Bible, what is most important to your family, what your strengths are as a family, and what does your ideal family life look like?

All this work will culminate in developing your own specific shared family guiding principles, core values, vision statement, and mission statement.

This work will ultimately lead to your family having shared goals and direction which will make it more intentional and lead to deeper connections! It will help you be more present with your family. Too busy? Our Abbreviated Instructional Manual will help jump-start this process for your family!

Get access now for only $19