Faithful Parenting By Derek Weichel

As Derek and Amy become more intentional in their parenting, it stirred something within them. They wanted to help other families experience what they had. So, they developed a process similar to the one they used to help them become more intentional in their family life. They wanted other families to feel the same peace and joy they did, knowing they were pointing their families toward Jesus for generations.

This led Derek and Amy to start Faithful Parent which is designed for parents who yearn for intentionality, and parents who want a more peaceful, connected, and faith-centered family life.

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Do you have a Christian parenting plan? Derek and Amy Weichel, authors of A Chance to Change and Founders of Faithful Parent, questioned how they should raise their children. Viewing the statistics, acknowledging their inconsistencies, and dealing with the everyday overwhelm of raising four children age five and younger set them in motion to discover the best plan for their family. They studied and developed what they needed. After implementing their plan, their family feels more focused, connected, and fun. Now, they are sharing what they learned with others. Tune in to discover more.

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Family Volunteering Abroad with the 4 Young Weichel Kids

Were you planning on waiting to volunteer with your kids until they got older and "could remember it?" Did you think traveling with a kid just might be too difficult? The Weichels started serving abroad with Globe Aware back in 2017. They have been on our Guatemala, Cusco, Peru, Kenya, South Africa and Costa Rican programs, so we asked them if we could chat with them about their experiences. Join Cole, Lexi, Leah and Lily let us ask questions about what they remembered, enjoyed, experienced. You can read more about the Weichels, their service travels, learning and more at their blog at


Clear Parenting Plan On Your Christian Family Journey With Derek And Amy

Faithful Parent is here to help your family have a more fun, focused, and connected Christian family life. 

Top three takeaways 

  1. Understanding the impact that their parenting can have on this and future generations 
  2. How they help parents to be more intentional in their parenting 
  3. How they help parents keep their families focused on Jesus for this generation and future generations. 

Fostering Faith in the Next Generation– Making Time for What Matters Most

This webinar is motivated by Deuteronomy 6:7, “Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you get home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up”, with the purpose to offer encouragement and ideas to Christian parents as they endeavor to pass on their faith to the next generation. And whatever our age or life situation, we can all be working to encourage faith in those younger than us.


Lifeonaire Show - The Transformative Effects of a Parenting Plan with Derek and Amy Weichel

Top four takeaways:

1. The importance of not defaulting to what your parents did or what others are doing
2. Developing and living out a set of family values
3. How to navigate uncharted territory with your kids
4. A one-step-at-a-time execution strategy to make progress while avoiding overwhelm


Intentional Christian Parenting with Derek and Amy Weichel

We were blessed to be guests on The Principle Podcast with EksAyn Anderson. Learn how we use the kids' failures to help them grow as part of our intentional Christian parenting plan.


What's In Your Parenting Plan?

Amy's wealth of knowledge and practical advice make this podcast a valuable resource for  parents, caregivers and anyone interested in understanding the significance of intentional parenting. Whether you're a seasoned parent or just starting out on your parenting journey, this episode will provide you with actionable strategies and a fresh perspective on how to be a more intentional and purposeful parent!


Faithful Parenting - Creating a Plan

Listen to this podcast to learn how Derek and Amy have created their own intentional parenting plan that has transformed how they raise their children in all aspects, especially in their intentional teaching of God’s word in the home.


Parenting With God at the Center of Your Family Huddle

In this inspiring podcast, we explore the art of "Intentional Parenting" where God is at the center of every family huddle. Join us as we delve into meaningful discussions, practical advice, and heartwarming stories to help you nurture your family's faith and create a strong spiritual foundation for your children. Whether you're a seasoned parent or just starting your parenting journey, you'll find valuable insights and guidance to make God the cornerstone of your family life. Join us for meaningful conversations and discover how to build a stronger, more purposeful family through intentional parenting.


Pillars for Purposeful Motherhood

Momma, You Need A Transformative Parenting Plan

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Intentional Parenting and Faithful Foundations

In today's episode we unpack their transformational journey from chaotic to intentional, especially in spiritual parenting. From Bible story apps to morning academics and family worship, they'll share how they're teaching God's word and life lessons to their children outside the conventional school system, and how they've crafted a family routine that fosters closeness, education, and faith.

They offer golden nuggets of wisdom for couples seeking to align their family goals with their deepest values, how they keep their marriage strong amidst life's chaos, and finally, give us a peek into "A Chance to Change," their treasure trove of intentional parenting resources.

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Faithful Parent Tools and Resources

Family Huddle Guide

If you are struggling to know where to begin, our Family Huddle Guide is the perfect first step.


Faithful Parent Academy

Get the tools, resources, direction, and time that you need to develop a clear parenting plan.


Family Connection Guide

Clarify the goal of your Christian family journey in 6 steps! You deserve to love your family time!


Live Your Best Christian Family Life!

Learn more about this transformational process that you could experience through Faithful Parent Academy.