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steward your family well

“If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

– 1 Timothy 5:8



Some of you may have read our book, A Chance to Change (click here to download the first chapter on our book page). In the story, the Richardson family is struggling to feel connected to one another and having a hard time keeping their home centered on Christ. Throughout the book, they are mentored by the Miller family through what we like to call the S.T.E.W.A.R.D. process. The aim of S.T.E.W.A.R.D. is to help families build strong connections between members and keep Christ at the center of their home life. We have several articles on our blog that describe the specific steps of this process more in depth, and have collected them for you below.

Before you start implementing these steps, it’s helpful to evaluate your current family circumstances and discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and culture. When that’s complete, you’re ready to start learning how to S.T.E.W.A.R.D. well!


S – Seek God

Learn to be more A.D.E.P.T. parents as you spend more time in God’s word individually and as a family.

Click on this link to read more: A.D.E.P.T. Parenting


T – Target/Trajectory

Clarify the vision and values of your family to help ensure that you are all walking together on your household journey.

Click on this link to read more: Shared Vision, Strong Foundation


E – Explore Options

There are many styles of parenting. Take time to explore options that might be more consistent with your family vision and values. 

Click on this link to read more: 3 Strategic Ways to Broaden Your Parenting Perspective


W – Write it Down

Take time to put into words a parenting plan that will keep your family focused on your journey.

Click on this link to read more: How a Plan Can Help Your Parenting Be More Intentional


A – Action

Learn how to successfully implement your plan!

Click on this link to read more: 4 Practical Tips to Successfully Launch Your Parenting Plan


R – Review & Revise Your Plans

Incorporate ways to review your plan and your progress on a regular basis. Make changes as needed!

Click on this link to read more: Parenting with Intention and Attentiveness Amidst Change


D – Direct Others

When your family is on a clear and focused path, you can also be a blessing by helping other families who may be struggling on their own journey.

Click on this link to read more: Symbiotic Parenting: Iron Sharpening Iron



This is the same process that our family used to be more intentional with our children. At first, it seemed awkward and almost chore-like, but over time we’ve seen incredible blessings. We pray that this framework will be beneficial to other families who are looking to be more purposeful in their own Christian parenting. May you be blessed!


Key Points:

  • The spiritual training and welfare of children is ultimately the parents’ responsibility, not to be delegated to others.
  • For most families, this doesn’t come naturally so it’s important to have a framework to develop your family’s spiritual growth plan.
  • God blesses families who faithfully instruct their children in the Scriptures.


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