10 Colossal Highlights of Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge with Kids

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10 Colossal Highlights of Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge with Kids

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Dinner shows such as Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge are one of our favorite family experiences. They’re unique, extremely entertaining, and come with the benefit of food. To be fair, they are significantly more pricey than your average family dinner, and you may be wondering if they are worth the hassle and cost. 

Most recently, we had the opportunity to attend Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with our kids, and we were very impressed by the family experience they provided. We’d like to share our thoughts and recommendations about this venue with you.  You may find that it is right up your family’s alley as well!

Five Highlights (According to the Kids):

1. Animals at Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge

Cole and Leah were especially impressed by the animals at Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge. How often do you get to see seals and parrots in Tennessee? The parrots were primarily for color and mood; they flew around the arena before the show’s start. It was awesome.  Salty the Seal was a great addition to the actual performance. He was well-trained, doing both swimming and dancing for the audience. He also performed several tricks with the assistance of a trainer – so cool to see his intelligence!

 2. Fire Dancers

Lily and Cole both loved the fire dancers at Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge. They had incredible skills that few people possess, and it was evident that they had learned their craft well. The amount of concentration and coordination needed was astounding. At one point, we were even able to witness fire on water!

3. Mermaids

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that all three of our girls loved the mermaids at Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge. And they didn’t just swim in the water: they did amazing gymnastic stunts in the air! Their movements were beautiful and inspiring to watch.  We are still trying to figure out how they could swim so skilfully with those tails. 

 4. Acrobatics

The acrobatics performed in Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge was a highlight for Lexi. There was an entire team of performers demonstrating their God-given talents in various ways: on the ground, in the air, and even off of diving boards. They were sprinkled throughout the show, making it extra exciting and fun.

5. The Ending of Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge

The ending of the show was incredible. Lily said it was one of her favorite things about it. Treasures came up out of the water that were sparkling, pretty, golden…virtually everything fun and wonderful in the mind of a five-year-old girl. Mermaids came out of the water with their treasures and entertained the audience with their discoveries. It was the perfect ending to a delightful evening.

Five Highlights of Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge (According to the Parents):

6. Easy Parking and Access

We arrived about 45 minutes before the show and were able to get a very good parking spot. There were plenty of spaces, and the venue was both easy to find and convenient. (There were a few stairs to walk up.)

7. Clean Bathrooms

You can’t underestimate the value of a clean, accessible bathroom when you’re traveling with a family our size.  We very much appreciated that the bathrooms were easy to get to once you’d exited the seating area, and they were very clean. They were relatively small, and the lines were quite long at the end of the performance, but we felt that our experience was excellent overall.

 8. Solid Service

Drinks were provided for us shortly after we were seated, and the employees were very attentive to refill our drinks throughout the show (another reason they may want to expand their restroom facilities!). Our food came promptly and was also picked up when we were finished at an opportune time. 

We were impressed that the staff was observant of our children and made sure that they didn’t pick up their plates too early when they appeared to be still working on their meals.

 9. Entertainment Variety

Many of these were mentioned in our kids’ highlights, so we will only briefly mention our favorites here. We loved the acrobats and their various ground/air/water stunts, the animals, the juggling act, and the fire dancers. The lights and special effects were also excellent. We were kept entertained, attentive, and focused throughout the entire show; we were never bored.

10. Food

The food was good!  If you’ve ever been to the Dolly Parton Stampede, you will find this meal comparable.  Everything was served warm, came out shortly after the performance started, and there was a LOT of it. Initially, we were each given a drink, soup, and a biscuit. The main course and a dessert followed this. 

Anything that wasn’t eaten could be taken home for later (a huge plus for those of us with kids too distracted and excited to eat). With our children, we tend to go with the familiar fare, so we chose chicken for them. Overall, everyone had plenty of good food to enjoy.

 Our Take

This was our first time attending this particular show. We bought our tickets online about one week before we attended. Our family’s total cost – including all taxes and fees – was $290.72 (two adults and four children – Note: Gratuity was not included in the price, and they recommended an additional 15% be given to the server at the door after the ending). 

We attended the 3:00 PM show and arrived 45 minutes before the start. The venue was very easy to find, located just off the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, adjacent to the Island. We waited in line about 15 minutes before we were allowed in; they seated us 30 minutes before the performance began. We had assigned seats when we entered the arena. The kids got slushies to drink before and during the performance, which came in a souvenir mug.

The service was excellent, and the food was as good as we’d hoped. We were pleasantly surprised at the variety of entertainment and found it fast-paced and fun throughout the 90-minute experience. The crowd was divided into teams to make things more exciting, which kept the audience members engaged and competitive.

 The only things we found that could be considered negative were the volume – some portions of the show were too loud for our children – and the crowded bathrooms. Leaving the venue was easy, and we were able to get onto the road without trouble.

We loved experiencing Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge as a family and seeing the delight on our kids’ faces as they watched this excellent performance. We highly recommend it!

Key Points:

  • God blesses many individuals with unique gifts that can be showcased at events like a dinner show, and it is a blessing to witness them using their abilities in a fun way.
  • God gives us the gift of entertainment, and this is one show in which many individuals bless the audience as they use their talents to entertain.
  • Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge is an entertaining dinner show that we enjoyed and experienced as a family. We believe it would be enjoyed by most families looking to create wonderful memories in a fun way.

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