4 Ultimate Reasons Why Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge Should Be Your Next Family Activity

eastern tennessee family travel Jan 09, 2023
Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others.

1 PETER 4:10


Most of the traveling our family does include everybody: Dad, Mom, and kids. These shared experiences help to strengthen our family relationships and create lasting memories for all. 

One activity we enjoy together is attending live shows. We consider this to be good stewardship because we are making a conscious decision to help support others who have found ways to provide for their families through using their personal talents as entertainment for others. While there are many different kinds of activities that our family has experienced, we wanted to recommend a particular recent favorite: the Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge, TN.

There are a ton of things for families to do in Pigeon Forge.  It’s certainly a place you can visit again and again for some great memories with the kids.  The Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge is an outdoor show owned by TV cooking personality Paula Deen.

Lumberjacks and Lumberjills are divided into two teams who compete in various lumberjack activities, such as pole climbing, log rolling, axe throwing, wood splitting, and chainsaw cutting.  If it sounds like a “sight to be seen,” you’re absolutely right!

The audience sits in covered (heated!) bleachers.  They are also divided into two teams, and they cheer for the Lumberjacks and Lumberjills on their team.  The show lasts about an hour and a half and can be enjoyed by literally people of all ages – young kids and grandparents alike!

There is a Lumberjack Adventure Park where the kids can get into some real hands-on activities on the same property.  You can find out more at https://lumberjackfeud.com.  

We have detailed some of our highlights of this experience in today’s blog post.

1. Log Rolling at Lumberjack Feud

The Log Roll competition was one of Cole and Leah’s favorite parts of the show. The logs spun at high speed (it was incredible to witness the lumberjacks’ God-given athleticism) and gave a great demonstration of balance and agility. They also included some clean family comedy during the breaks, which made it more entertaining for the crowd!

2. Pole Climbing

Pole Climbing was one of the best demonstrations according to Leah and Lexi. The lumberjacks climbed the poles astonishingly fast, and it was awesome to see them fly down when they were finished; it barely looked like they used their feet to brace themselves.

3. Axe Throwing

This was one of Lexi’s favorite activities at the Lumberjack Feud. The lumberjacks (and lumberjills!) repeatedly and consistently threw the axes with ease and accuracy. This particular competition was held on the ground, and it was apparent that all of the contestants were really having fun.

4. Comedy Breaks

This was Lily’s favorite part of the show. She said that it frequently made her smile during the performance at Lumberjack Feud, and there was the added bonus that none of us were expecting it. Surprises can really take an experience up a notch! 

The humor came from a variety of lumberjacks and lumberjills and was present throughout the entire show. We appreciated that the jokes were clean and family-friendly, which can be hard to find these days!

How Did the Parents Like It?

We loved watching our kids delight in this fun show, and we have our own list of things the adults enjoyed! We liked having the chance to support people who are willing to be good stewards of their bodies and talents not only for the provision of themselves and their families but also to entertain audiences and create safe, clean places for families to laugh together and build memories.

There was a good variety of activities that everyone enjoyed; none of us were bored at any time during the competitions. The contestants moved from one demonstration to another and did a great job interacting with the crowd and keeping them involved in the various demonstrations. 

Lumberjack cookies – small circles of wood stamped with the logo and signatures from the Feud – were handed out to members of the audience who were cheering loudly after their team won a competition. This was a creative way to encourage audience participation and engagement.

Climate-controlled seating was also a big plus. All of the options were comfortable and offered fans and heaters that could be used as needed. The only possible seating issue we saw was the placement of two large support poles that could block someone’s view if they happened to be sitting behind them. 

Snacks were readily available for the kids, and the bathrooms were clean and conveniently located. We had no trouble accessing them during intermission and had minimal lines. Intermission lasted about forty-five minutes, and it allowed us to use the restroom, grab food, purchase souvenirs, and speak with the contestants. 

It was so nice that there were no issues finding parking!  That’s when you realize that you’re a genuine adult – when the parking lot is your gauge for a great experience!  We arrived at the competition about thirty minutes before the show’s start, and there was still plenty of ample space. A short walk delivered us to the Feud location, and there were no stairs or ramps on the way. There were some stairs in the performance venue due to the seating arrangements, but we also saw available handicap options.

Final Thoughts

We had never been to this show before, and we weren’t sure what to expect. It was easy to purchase our tickets online (we bought them about one week before), and the total cost for our family was $148.46 after taxes and fees (two adults and four children). 

The location was easy to find, right off the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. It was a comfortable venue for both adults and children, and we do recommend getting there a little early to get a good view (seating is unassigned). We had zero issues finding six seats together that offered an excellent vantage point. 

As parents, we appreciated the availability of snacks for our kids to keep their spirits high. We were also impressed that the organizers took time to honor veterans and stand for the National Anthem before the start of the activities. 

The competition was entertaining and fast-paced; there was always something to see. The demonstrations offered us the chance to witness some unique skills and talents that most people don’t have an opportunity to see firsthand in the twenty-first century. We all enjoyed the entire performance and would highly recommend it for any family trip. We are hoping to return soon!

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Key Points:

1. God blesses people with a variety of unique skills and talents.

2. These performances demonstrated the use of such talents, many of which are rarities in today’s world.

3. The Lumberjack Feud is a great family experience that allows you to reflect on God’s creativity in how He made mankind.

4. Attending live performances can be good stewardship of your finances and time because your money helps support individuals using their God-given gifts to earn their livelihood by entertaining others.

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