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About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them

Acts 16:25


Music is a beautiful thing! We find music in so many places – in films, on the radio, at the grocery store – and all over the pages of Scripture! From Israelites to angels, Old Testament women to New Testament men, the Bible teaches us that music is a regular part of interacting with God which is why we feel it is important to find ways to enjoy Christian songs with your kids.  

Music is a beautiful way for children to grow their minds, memorize truth, and have fun! It’s evident that humans are born with an innate love for music when you watch a child dance to the beat, beg for one more lullaby at night, or even make up their own lyrics.  

We love for our kids to learn traditional Christian hymns. However, we also recognize that these songs might not be too exciting for them. Contemporary Christian music is such an excellent gift. Modern melodies and lyrics may be more entertaining for kids to listen to and sing themselves.  

Incorporating modern Christian songs into our daily routine is one way we lighten the mood and encourage a joyful atmosphere in our home. Playing music on a speaker is a great way to start, but we have found ways to be even more intentional about focusing on this gift.


1. Find a consistent time to do Christian songs with your kids.

First, we suggest you pick a consistent time of day to enjoy music as a family. This doesn’t mean it’s the only time members of your family can listen to music. It’s simply a time your children can come to expect and that the adults can readily remember as it becomes a regular family rhythm. It should be a time that is convenient for the kids and the parents, and that does not interfere with other family activities. 

The morning may be a good time to do Christian songs with your kids if everyone in the family begins their day together. Some families may enjoy music during the commute to school since they’re already together in a shared space.

For our family, the evenings seem to work best, particularly at bedtime. We have found that bedtime routines have been a critical part of our family’s bonding – and our sanity!  

Sharing Christian songs with your kids does not need to take up a lot of time. In general, five minutes or less is all you need! These are the things memories are made of. Music has a way of making it into our minds, hearts, and souls. Your kids will hang on to these songs into adulthood. 


2. Determine who will be involved.

Though most of the family is likely to enjoy this activity, it may be that not everyone can participate in the act of Christian songs with your kids due to interest or time constraints. That’s ok! Don’t let that keep you from starting a routine with those who can and would like to join.

Moms may initiate this activity as they drive the kids to school in the morning. The whole family could participate after dinner. Some kids may not be interested due to age or personality. As we mentioned before, bedtime is the time our family has chosen to do music. The time is initiated and led by Derek, who plays songs on YouTube.

Leah, Lexi, and Lily are almost always excited to watch the song for the day! Our son, Cole, will occasionally participate as well. If Derek is not home for this part of the bedtime routine, the kids will pull out the iPad and listen to the songs by themselves.


3. Allow your kids some freedom to select a song

Because kids love music, they will also love picking out the songs they listen to. You can allow siblings to take turns being the family DJ.  

With different preferences and exposure, one child can help introduce new music to the family that you may not have heard otherwise. This opportunity to choose creates excitement and fun. It also makes space for conversations about wisdom – Who made our ears and minds? What are we to fix our minds on (Colossians 3:2)? Is this song glorifying God?  

Don’t shame your kids if they get excited about a song you know isn’t wise to listen to. Celebrate the opportunity to disciple them through an everyday experience to learn how to make wise decisions with music on their own in the future. We don’t believe parents should ever make kids feel bad about something they didn’t know.

If your kids have trouble thinking of songs on their own, a quick search on YouTube will remedy the situation! You can search for popular songs, suggestions from previous songs you’ve listened to, a particular genre, or even seasonal music! Soundtracks from Christian movies are another great source.   


4. Consider artists that are closer to the age of your kids

Our kids love to watch other kids sing Christian songs. One of their favorite singers is Claire Ryann Crosby. The music feels more personal to them when they see their peers producing and enjoying it! One exciting way to find Christian songs sung by kids is to search for VBS music on YouTube. These songs often come as a set and have hand motions as well! You can also find kids singing Christian songs by searching “children’s worship” on YouTube.


5. Let the kids sing and dance if they desire

Children love music and love to dance! When we use our iPad or Derek's phone to play our nightly songs, we prop up the device, so the kids are free to dance as the music plays. Free movement is fun for the kids and helps constructively utilize their energy. As I mentioned, VBS songs often have hand motions that the kids enjoy learning. Or you could use this opportunity to learn some American Sign Language to accompany the song. 


6. Consider artists that sing both Christian and non-Christian songs

Believe it or not, if your kids are familiar with an artist who sings a non-Christian song, that artist may also sing Christian songs. Claire Ryann Crosby is an excellent example of this! We initially found Claire as a Disney song artist. However, we later learned that she also sings Christian songs that the girls enjoy.  

Many country artists, such as Carrie Underwood, have also produced both Christian and secular songs. You may find other artists that have recorded traditional Christian songs or Christmas music, such as Pentatonix. Whatever you listen to, and whenever you find the time to do so, enjoy it! Music is yet another good gift from the Lord that we have the privilege to steward well! It can be a blessing to our families and a support to our faith.


Personal Story:

As part of our bedtime routine, we regularly watch two songs on YouTube with the kids. We do it at the same time and in the same location every night, so the kids expect it. Sometimes the kids will request one of their favorite songs or artists, and other times we will search for new songs. 

The first is a non-Christian song (a "just-for-fun" song) that the kids enjoy, and the second is always a Christian song. The kids will often sing and dance to the Christian song if they are familiar with it. Each song is typically less than five minutes in length. It is something that the kids enjoy and look forward to. It gets them excited about new contemporary/modern Christian songs and artists. We will occasionally hear them singing some of their favorite songs when playing throughout the day.


Key Points:

  • Incorporating modern Christian songs with kids into your daily routine is a fun way to bring a joyful Christian atmosphere in your home
  • Most popular Christian songs can be found on YouTube
  • Make it more meaningful for your kids by letting them pick the songs or artists
  • Allow your kids to sing or dance to the songs if they desire to add to the experience


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