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A simple way to focus the direction of your Christian family and implement a well-thought-out individualized parenting plan in just eight simple steps.

More Fun. More Focus. More Connected.

One of the biggest challenges most families face is that life is too busy, stressful and chaotic. This leads to many parents being reactive in their parenting style.


But there is another way.


Your children and grandchildren need you to change this trajectory, take action and parent in a more purposeful and intentional manner.


If you want to be one these fun, inspiring families, then we have a course for you, Faithful Parent Academy.

Faithful Parent Academy helps you...

Create your family’s personalized family vision statement

Clarify and put into writing your family values

Create a unique parenting plan

Implement your plan and start seeing changes quickly

Same family, different life

After you complete the eight steps, here is what your family could look like.

You'll see improvements in your:

  • Spiritual Family Life
  • Family Relationships
  • Family Connections
  • Family Experiences
  • Family Organization
  • Family Time Management

When You Purchase Faithful Parent Academy You Get

Each module includes interactive lessons, parenting challenges, worksheets and videos to help you understand the course material, and detailed instructions that will make the course fun and easy to complete and implement.

  • Eight Interactive Lessons
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Worksheets & Videos
  • 2 Full Months of the Faithful Parent Membership

Learn about the benefits of intentional parenting and how hero's journey helps us navigate our way to our goal and how it applies to you as parents.

Evaluate Your Current Family Life

Take time to evaluate your current Christian family life and clarify what your family’s strengths and challenges are and also your current family culture .

Seek God

Learn to be more A.D.E.P.T. parents as you spend more time in God’s word individually and as a family.


Clarify the vision and values of your Christian family to help ensure you are all walking together on your family journey.

Explore Options

There are many ways to parent. Take time to explore options that might be more consistent with your Christian family vision and values.

Write it Down

Take time to put into words and write down a parenting plan that will keep your family focused on your journey.


Learn how to successfully implement your plan.

Reviewing & Revising Your Plans

Incorporate ways to review your plan and progress on a regular basis and make changes to that plan as needed.

Direct Others

When your family is on a clear and focused path, you will be blessed and also be a blessing to others by helping other families who may be struggling on their Christian family journey.

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Faithful Parent Proven Process

Meet Derek and Amy

Our names are Derek and Amy Weichel, and we are a blessed Christian family walking on our journey together, trying to be radically effective stewards of the family and children God has entrusted us with on this earth. We started Faithful Parent to encourage others on their journeys and to help them live more fun, focused, connected family lives that are closer to God!

When we began parenting, we were reactive and parenting in much the same way that we were parented. When we were challenged to provide our parenting plan, we realized we were not intentional about parenting our children.

After we took time to explore our options, develop a written parenting plan for our family, and implement it, our Christian family life transformed to one that was more fun, focused, connected, peaceful and closer to God.

That led us to create this unique, personalized course to help other Christian families transform their lives and the way that they approach parenting.


We are excited to help many families on their Christian

family journey with the Faithful Parent Academy!


"Derek and Amy are absolutely wonderful parents! They are dedicated to teaching their children the importance of living a Christ-centered life through self-improvement, experiences and community involvement. Their children are well-rounded, respectful, caring and kind!"

– Laura P.

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